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Today Current Affairs
Today Current Affairs

Hello Aspirants, here we are providing Daily Currents Affairs. These questions are taking from the Daily News Paper, so it’s very useful for the Candidates who are preparing for Competitive Exams. Aspirants can Study the daily Current Affairs and download here. Direct download link is given below.

Q.1 Which of the following country recently overtaken the United States (US) as the biggest trading partner of the European Union (EU) in 2020?
a. Bangladesh
b. Australia
*c. China
d. Pakistan

Q. 2 Justice (Retd.) M. Rama Jois, who has passed away recently, has also served as the Governor of which state?
a. Bihar – Delhi
b. Tamil Nadu – Bihar
c. Assam- Delhi
*d. Bihar – Jharkhand

Q. 3 Which Union Ministry announces the Index of Industrial Production (IIP)?
*a. Union Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation
b. Union Ministry Of Health And Family Welfare
c. Union Ministry Of Road Transport And Highways
d. Union Ministry Of Home Affairs

Q.4 Which Indian bowler becomes the second highest wicket-taker in tests played in India?
a. I Sharma
*b. Ravichandran Ashwin
c. BS Bedi
d. BS Chandrasekhar

Q.5 Which country hosted the virtual health secretary-level meeting of the South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC)?
a. Bangladesh
*b. India
c. China
d. Pakistan

Q. 6 When is World Day of Social Justice observed?
*a. 20 Feb
b. 21 Feb
c. 19 Feb
d. 18 Feb

Q. 7 Name the online portal launched by the Government to provide online civic services to residents of 62 Cantonment Boards?
a. E-Khhawani
b. E-Dhawani
*c. E-Chhawani
d. E-hawani

Q. 8 ‘ASOCA’ is a book written by who among the following?
*a. Irwin Allan Sealy’s
b. Salman Rushdie
c. Ruskin Bond
d. M. Hamid Ansari

Q. 9 What is the new upper ceiling for family pension, as per the Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances and Pensions?
a. Rs. 1.35 lakh
b. Rs. 1.55 lakh
*c. Rs. 1.25 lakh
d. Rs. 1.05 lakh

Q. 10 Olympus Mons, which was making news recently, is the largest in the solar system?
*a. volcano
b. solar
c. Milky Way
d. Moon

Q. 11 which organization has planned to launch the World Solar Bank (WSB)?
a. RBI
b. World Bank
*c. The International Solar Alliance
d. SBI

Q. 12 Scientists recently pulled out the oldest DNA ever found from mammoth teeth. How old is the DNA?
*a. 1.2 million
b. 1.3 million
c. 1.4 million
d. 1.5 million

Q. 13 Name the War veteran, who had participated in major battles including the 1962 Indo-China war, and 1965 and 1971 India-Pakistan war, has passed away recently?
a. Salman Rushdie
*b. Basant Kumar Mahapatra
c. Irwin Allan Sealy’s
d. Ajay Mathur

Q. 14 Pilot Pey Jal Survekshan is associated with which of the following ministries?
*a. Union Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation
b. Union Ministry Of Health And Family Welfare
*c. Union Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs
d. Union Ministry Of Home Affairs

Q. 15 which country has unveiled a draft “Humans in space policy 2021”?
a. Bangladesh
*b. India
c. China
d. Pakistan

Q. 16 Grand Anicut Canal system, which was making news recently, is located in which state?
a. Karnataka
b. Uttarakhand
c. Kerala
*d. Tamil Nadu

Q. 17 Union Cabinet on February 17, 2021 approved the signing of Comprehensive Economic Cooperation and Partnership Agreement (CECPA) between India and which country?
a. Bangladesh
b. Russia
c. India
*d. Mauritius

Q. 18 Which Indian city has been recognized as the 2020 Tree City of the World?
a. Karnataka
*b. Hyderabad
c. Kerala
d. Tamil Nadu

Q. 19 Name the country who recently celebrated the first day of the spring called ‘Pahela Phagun’?
*a. Bangladesh
b. Russia
c. India
d. Mauritius

Q. 20 Indian multinational technology company HCL Technology partnered with which of the following institution to strengthen capabilities in cyber security?
*a. IIT Kanpur
b. IIT Chennai
c. NIT Chennai
d. ISI Kolkata

Q. 21 Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched ‘Mahabahu-Brahmaputra’ initiative in which state?
a. Karnataka
*b. Assam
c. Kerala
d. Tamil Nadu

Q. 22 how many members are there in the expert panel formed by RBI to suggest steps for strengthening and consolidating Primary Co-operative Banks?
a. 5
b. 7
c. 9
*d. 8

Q.23 the West Bengal government launched the “Maa” scheme recently to provide meals at low cost to people. Under this scheme, what is the subsidy provided by the government?
a. Rs. 10
b. Rs.11
*c. Rs. 15
d. Rs. 17

Q. 24 Who has been elected as the new Director General at the special assembly of the International Solar Alliance?
a. Irwin Allan Sealy’s
b. Salman Rushdie
c. Ruskin Bond
*d. Ajay Mathur

Q.25 The Indian Sign Language (ISL) Dictionary released on 17 February 2021 contains how many terms in total?
*a. 10000
b. 9000
c. 8000

Q.26 Which year did Juvenile Justice (Care and Protection of Children) Act come into force?
a. 2014
b. 2018

Q. 27 ustice Puligoru Venkata Sanjay Kumar has been sworn-in as Chief Justice of which state’s High Court?
a. Madras
*b. Manipur
c. Madurai
d. Andhra Pradesh

Q. 28 The Indian Farmers Fertiliser Cooperative has contributed how much amount for the construction of Ram Temple in Ayodhya?
a. 3.51 crore
b. 3.01 crore
*c. 2.51 crore
d. 3.01 crore

Q. 29 Which city’s Police has received the Best Marching Contingent Trophy-2021?
a. Chennai police
b. kerala police
c. Assam police
*d. Delhi Police

Q. 30 Who has won the Sanctuary Lifetime Service Award 2020?
*a. Theodore Baskaran
b. Vandana Shiva
c. Ashok Kumar
d. Ajay Mathur

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