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TNPSC Free Mock Test
TNPSC Free Mock Test

Petroleum Products TNPSC Group 2 Free Mock Test!!! Candidates who are looking for offline mock test for TNPSC exam can use this opportunity; here we are conducting free mock test series for the aspirants who are tried to achieve your goal. We have providing the free mock tests for the all TNPSC aspirants on the topic of Petroleum. Our mock test are available free of cost. A candidate gets the chance to improve their career.

We are conducting the mock test on every Wednesday for aspirants. Answers and solution keys will be release Wednesday evening 5 pm. candidates can identify their mistakes sections by practicing our mock test. It’s very useful for the TNPSC aspirants. Don’t miss that opportunity. Mock test questions are only standard and latest concepts. Mock test question are available here.


Q.1) which type of coal has high content of carbon?
a) lignite b) peat
c) bituminous coal d) anthracite coal

Q.2) Which type of coal is used in the household?
a) lignite b) peat c) bituminous coal d) anthracite coal

Q.3) Naphthalene ball is obtained from
a) coal gas b) coke c) coal tar d) liquor ammonia

Q.4) Fuel that is used in jet air craft
a) petrol b) petroleum gas c) kerosene d) diesel

Q.5) Which of these is a fossil fuel?
a) wood b) paper c) petroleum d) phosphorus

Q.6) The ore of mercury is
a) Garnierite b) Chalcocite c) Sperrylite d) cinnabar

Q.7) Which one of the following mines has the best quality of coking coal
a) Bailadila b) Jharia c) Raniganj d) Singrauli

Q.8) The Raw Material Used For The Manufacture Of Rayon Is
a) Coal b) Petroleum c) Plastic d) Cellulose

Q.9)Which of the following Noble gas is used for inflating Aeroplanetyres?
a) Helium b) Neon c) Argon d) Xenon

Q.10) The nitrogen compound used as a rocket fuel is
a) Hydrazine b) Hydrazone c) Carbazone d) Ammonia

Q.11)The best fertilizer is
a) (NH4)2 SO4 b)Urea c)CAN d)Ca (NO3)2 CaO

Q.12)Rat Poison contains
a) Magnesium b) Calcium oxide c) White phosphorus d) Arsenic

Q.13)DDT is an
a) insecticide b) explosive c) antibiotic d) none of these

Q.14)Which of the following is used as an insecticide?
a) aspirin b)gammexane c)quinine d)penicillin

Q.15)The fungicide Bordeaux mixture consists of
a) borax and copper sulphate b) borax and calcium hydroxide c) boric acid and calium hydroxide d) copper sulphate and calcium hydroxide

Q.16) The fertilizer which is called as „nitrolim‟ is
a) Super phosphate b) Calcium ammonium nitrate c) Calcium cyanamide d) Sodium nitrate

Q.17) What product is formed after 2 moles of aniline treated with carbondisulphide?
a) S – diphenyl thio urea b) S – phenyl thio urea c) S – triphyhyl thio urea d) S – diphenyl urea

Q.18) Which of the following nitrogen-fertilizers has the highest nitrogen percentage?
a) CaCN2 b) பெரியஹ c) NH4NO3 d) (NH4)2SO4

Q.19)The drug caffeine, tannin, nicotine are
a) steroids b) mild alkalis c) alkaloids d) cortisones

Q.20)The fertilizer essential for the growth of tobacco is
a) superphosphate of lime b) urea c) potassium nitrate d) ammonium sulphate

Q.21) Ideal Fuel has a ___________calorific value
a) Low b) High c) Moderate d) Zero

Q.22) Which of the following has lowest ignition temperature ?
a) LPG b) Petrol c) Coal d) Kerosene

Q.23) Which one of the following material is used for making shoe polish?
a) Paraffin wax b) Petrol c) Diesel d) Lubricating Oil

Q.24)What is the primary component of crude oil?
a) Sulfur b) Carbon c) Hydrogen d) Nitrogen

Q.25) What is the boiling temperature of petrol?
a) 40-120oC b) 120-180oC c) 180-250oC d) 250-320oC

Q.26) Which medicine is known as “The Queen of Drugs”?
a) atropine b) polymixin c) Streptomycin d) penicillin

Q.27)Pick the odd one out
a)Nitro glycerine b) Mustard gas c) TNT d) DDT

Q.28)Identify the odd one from the group of chemical given below:
a) BHC b)DDT c)2,4D d)CAN

Q.29) Loss of agricultural productivity due to pests and diseasesis
a) 1% b) 30% c) 5% d) 15%

Q.30) The pesticide used in foundations of buildings for preventing termite attack is
a) DDT b) BHC c) Endrin d) Aldrin

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How many questions are conducting in the mock test?

There are 30 numbers of questions per topic.

How many languages are conducting mock test?

There are 2 languages, they are English and Tamil.

Is it useful for the TNPSC aspirants?

Yes, it’s useful for the TNPSC aspirants.


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