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TNPSC Free Mock Test
TNPSC Free Mock Test

MUGHALS TNPSC Group 2 Free Mock Test!!! Candidates who are looking for offline mock test for TNPSC exam can use this opportunity; here we are conducting free mock test series for the aspirants who are tried to achieve your goal. We have providing the free mock tests for the all TNPSC aspirants on the topic of MUGHALS. Our mock test are available free of cost. A candidate gets the chance to improve their career.

We are conducting the mock test on every Wednesday for aspirants. Answers and solution keys will be release Wednesday evening 5 pm. candidates can identify their mistakes sections by practicing our mock test. It’s very useful for the TNPSC aspirants. Don’t miss that opportunity. Mock test questions are only standard and latest concepts. Mock test question are available here.


1.Babur won the First Battle of Panipat in 1526 with the effective use of
a) Infantry b) Cavalry
c) Artillery d) Elephant corps

2.Who wrote Ain-i-Akbari and Akbar Nama?
a) Abul Faizi b) Abul Fazal
c) Birbal d) Raja Thodar Mal

3.won the Battle of Chausa due to his superior political and military skills.
a) Babur b) Humayun c) Sher khan d) Akbar a land tenure system in which the collection of the revenue of an estate and the power of governing it were bestowed upon on official of the state.
a) Jagirdari b) Mahalwari c) Zamindari d) Mansabdari

5.was executed by Jahangir for instigating prince Khusrau to rebel.
a) Guru Arjan Dev b) Guru Har Gobind
c) Guru Tegh Bahadur d) Guru Har Rai

6.In India artillery was introduced in
a) First Battle of panipat
b) Second Battle of Panipat
c) Battle of Chanderi
d) Battle of kanwah

7. reimposed Jizya in his rule.
a) Akbar b) Jahangir
c) Shah Jahan d) Aurangzeb

8. Find out the wrong statement:
a) The Original Name of Babur was Zahir-ud-Din Muhammad.

b) Babur was a descendant from his father’s side of Timur, the Turk, and mother’s side of chengizkhan, the Mongol.
c) Babur became the king of Farghana at the early age of 11
d) Ibrahim Lodi was defeated by Babur in the Battle of panipat on April 21, 1526. the first known person in the world to have devised the ‘ship’s camel’, a barge on which a ship is built.
a) Akbar b) Shah Jahan
c) Sher Shah d) Babur

10.Shershah coins bared his name in the Script of
a) Hindhi b) Persia
c) Devanagiri d) Urdu

11.Tansen of was patronized by Akbar.
a) Agra b) Gwalior
c) Delhi d) Mathura

12. Arrange the battles in chronological order
1) Battle of Khanwa 2) Battle of Chausa
3) Battle of Kanauj 4) Battle of Chanderi

13.was an astrological treatise.
a) Tajikanilakanthi b) Rasagangadhara
c) Manucharita d) Rajavalipataka

14.Find out the wrong statement:
a) Taj mahal was built by shahjahan
b) It was built by ustad Isa, the chief archited of that time.
c) It was built on the banks of river sindhu
d) Shahjahan included the valuable kohinoor Diamond in his Peacock Throne

15. Find out the correct statement
a) Taj Mahal is the epitome of Mughal architecture, a blend of Indian, Persian and Islamic style.
b) The new capital city of Akbar, Agra, enclosed within its wall several inspiring buildings.
c) The Moti Masjid is made extensively of marble.
d) The Purana Qila is a raised citadel.

16.Find out the correct statement

a) The Zat determined the number of soldiers each mansabdar received, ranging from 10 to 10000.
b) Sher Shah’s currency system became the basis of the coinage under the British.
c) The Battle of Haldighati (1576) was the last pitched battle between the Mughal forces and Rana Pratap Singh.
d) The Guru Granth Sahib, the holy book of the Sikhs, was compiled by Guru Arjun Dev.

17.From the following statements, find out the correct answer
(i) The ferocious march of Rana Sanga with a formidable force confronted the forces of Babur.
(ii) After the battle of Kanauj, Akbar became a prince without a kingdom.
a) (i) is correct. b) (ii) is correct.
c) (i) and (ii) are wrong.
d) (i) and (ii) are correct.

18.From the following statements, find out the correct answer
(i) Sher Shah repaired the Grant Trunk Road from Indus in the west to Sonargaon in Bengal.
(ii) Akbar laid the foundation for a great empire through his military conquests.
a) (i) is correct. b) (ii) is correct
c) (i) and (ii) are correct d) (i) and (ii) are wrong

19.Assertion (A): Babur won the first Battle of Panipat.

Reason (R): Babur used artillery in the battle.
a) A is correct; R is the correct explanation of A
b) A is wrong; R is correct.
c) A and R is wrong.
d) A is correct ; R is not the correct explanation of A &¿p(A) :

20.Assertion (A): Towards the end of Aurangzeb’s reign, the Mughal empire began to disintegrate.
Reason (R): Aurangzeb was friendly towards all Deccan rulers.
a) A is correct; R is not the correct explanation of A.
b) A is correct ; R is the correct explanation of A.
c) A is wrong and R is correct.
d) A is correct ; R is the correct explanation of A.

21.Which of the following pairs is wrongly matched
A Bhaskaracharya Neethineri Vilakkam
B Amuktamalyada Krishnadevaraya
C Jagannatha Panditha Rasagangadhara
D Allasani Peddana Manucharita

22.Match the following
Abul Fazal Aurangzeb
Badshahi Mosque Akbar
Badshahi Mosque Sher Shah
Purana Qila Shah Jahan

23.Who introduced the Persian style of architecture in India?
a) Humayun b) Babur
c) Jahangir d) Akbar

24.In which battle did Akbar defeat Rana Pratap?
a) Panipat b) Chausa
c) Haldighati d) Kanauj

25.Whose palace in Delhi was destroyed by Sher Shah?
a) Babur b) Humayun
c) Ibrahim Lodi d) Alam Khan

26.Who introduced Mansabdari system?
a) Sher Sha b) Akbar
c) Jahangir d) Shah Jahan

27.Who was the revenue minister of Akbar?
a) Birbal b) Raja Bhagwan Das
c) Raja Todarmal d) Raja Man Singh

28.Match the following
List I List II
Babur Ahmednagar
Durgavati Jaipur
Rani Chand Bibi Akbar
Din IIahi Chanderi
Raja Man Singh Central Province

29.Assertion (A): The British established their first factory at Surat.
Reason (R): Jahangir granted trading rights to the English.
a) R is the correct explanation of A.
b) R is not the correct explanation of A.
c) A is wrong and R is correct.
d) (A) and (R) are wrong.

30.Assertion (A): Aurangzeb’s intolerance towards other religions made him unpopular among people.
Reason (R): Aurangzeb re-imposed the jizya and pilgrim tax on the Hindus.
a) R is the correct explanation of A.
b) R is not the correct explanation of A.
c) A is wrong and R is correct.
d) (A) and (R) are wrong.

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How many questions are conducting in the mock test?

There are 30 numbers of questions per topic.

How many languages are conducting mock test?

There are 2 languages, they are English and Tamil.

Is it useful for the TNPSC aspirants?

Yes, it’s useful for the TNPSC aspirants.


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