RRB NTPC Mock Test 2021 – Free Online Test Series!!!

RRB Free Mock Test 2021
RRB Free Mock Test 2021

RRB NTPC Mock Test 2021 – Free Online Test Series!!! We are conducting free mock test series for the aspirants who are tried to achieve your goal. Here we have providing the free mock tests for the all RRB aspirants on the topic of Percentage contains 30 questions. The entire mock test series will be free for the candidate who wants to take the test. A candidate gets the chance to improve their career. We are conducting the mock test on every Thursday for aspirants. Answers and solution keys will be release Thursday evening 5 pm. candidates can identify their mistakes sections by practicing our mock test. It’s very useful for the RRB aspirants. Don’t miss that opportunity. Mock test questions are only standard and latest concepts. Mock test question are available here.


Q.1) If 16 2/3 % of number is 40.find the number
a) 220 b) 240 c) 420 d) 520

Q.2) Find the number which is 25% less than 400
a) 400 b) 200 c) 100 d) 300

Q.3) What percent of 70 is 46 1/5?
a) 63 b) 65 c) 66 d) 64

Q.4) The boy and girls in a college are in the ratio 3: 2. If 20% of the boys and 25% of the girls are above 18 years, find the percentage of the students who are above 18 years?
a) 10% b) 78% c) 22% d)12%

Q.5) A fan is listed at Rs.2000 and a discount of 30% is offered on the list price. What additional discount must be offered to the customer now to bring the net price to Rs.1260?
a) 10% b) 20% c) 100% d) 50%

Q.6) What is 72 out of 120 as a percentage?
a) 50% b) 55% c) 60% d) None of these

Q.7) A man saves Rs.3000 per month from his total salary of Rs.20000. The percentage of his monthly savings is?
a) 5% b) 10% c) 15% d) 20%

Q.8) In a certain town, 60% of the inhabitants take rice, 50% take wheat and 20% take both. The percentage inhabitants who take neither wheat nor rice is
a) 40% b) 30% c) 15% d) 10%

Q.9) 5% income of A is equal to 15% income of B and 10% income of B is equal to 20% income of C. If the income of C is Rs.2000, then find the total income of A, B and C.
a) Rs.12000 b) Rs.4000 c) Rs.18000 d) Rs.16000

Q.10) P’s salary is 50% higher than Q, what percentage is Q’s salary lower than that of P?
a) 62 2/ 3 % b) 50% c) 24% d) 33 1/ 3 %

Q.11) If P’s salary is 50% less than Q, find how much Q’s salary is more than P.
a) 150% b) 100% c) 20% d) 50%

Q.12) The price of sugar is reduced by 40%. Find what percentage of the money a person can carry can buy more sugar.
a) 48% b) 60% c) 66 2 /3 % d) 76 2/ 3 %

Q.13) The ratio of men to women in a college is 3: 2. Of these, 20% of men and 25% of women are gets scholarship then find the percentage of those who are not get a scholarship
a) 72% b) 75% c) 78% d) 82%

Q.14) If x is 90% of y, then what percent of y is x?
a) 90 b) 190 c) 101.1 d) 111.1

Q.15) If 30% of a number is 12.6, find the number?
a) 41 b) 42 c) 43 d) 40

Q.16) If 15% of 40 is greater than 25% of a number by 2.Find the number?
a) 60 b) 55 c) 40 d) 16

Q.17) If a monthly income of person is Rs.25,000. He saves Rs.2000. Find the percent of his monthly saving?
a) 10% b) 12% c) 15% d) 8%

Q.18) If 18% of the total number of oranges in a basket is 36, then find the total number of oranges in the basket
a) 100 b) 150 c) 200 d) 300

Q.19) An alloy consists of 30% copper and 40% zinc and the remaining is nickel. Find the amount of nickel in 20 kilograms of the alloy
a) 3 Kg b) 4 Kg c) 5 Kg d) 6 Kg

Q.20) The population of a village is 32,000. 40% of them are men. 25% of them are women and the rest are children. Find the number of children.
a) 10800 b) 11200 c) 11600 d) 12200

Q.21) A student has to obtain 33% of the total marks to pass. He got 125 marks and failed by 40 marks. The maximum marks are :
a) 300 b) 400 c) 500 d) 600

Q.22) In an examination a student A gets 32% of maximum marks fail by 15 marks. Another student B scores 40% of the maximum marks gets 25 marks more than the pass marks. What is the percentage of the examination passing ?
a) 35% b) 36% c) 38% d) 40%

Q.23) Rohit spends 40% of his monthly income on food, 20% on rent, 10% on entertainment and 10% on other expenses. If his monthly income is Rs.7500, then find his monthly savings
a) Rs.1600 b) Rs.1200 c) Rs.1400 d) Rs.1500

Q.24) A person spends 40% of his income on food, 15% on clothing and 20% on rent. If his monthly savings is Rs.8600, then find his monthly income is
a) Rs.32, 600 b) Rs.33, 800 c) Rs.34, 400 d) Rs.35, 200

Q.25) 25percent of the total mangoes which are rotten is 1,000.Find the total number of mangoes in the basket.
a) 4000 b) 4800 c) 5000 d) 5200

Q.26) If A’s income is 10% more than that of B. How much percent B’s income is less that of A
a) 9 1 /11 % b) 10 1 /14 % c) 11% d) 13%
Q.27) If A’s salary is 25% higher than B’s salary, then how many percent is B’s salary lower than A’s?
a) 15% b) 18% c) 20% d) 32%

Q.28) If A’s height is 25% less than that of B,how much percent is B’s height more than that of A?
a) 50% b) 45% c) 22 1/ 3 % d) 33 1/ 3 %

Q.29) The price of an item increases by 20%. What percentage of consumer use (or) purchases should be reduced to keep costs constant?
a) 12% b) 15% c) 16 2 /3 % d) 18%

Q.30) If 2% of X is 40, then the value of 2% of (X + 50)
a) 50 b) 401 c) 410 d) 41

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How many questions are conducting in the mock test?

There are 30 numbers of questions per topic.

How many languages are conducting mock test?

The test conducted in English

Is it useful for the RRB aspirants?

Yes, it’s useful for the RRB aspirants


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