Students can take Practical Exams Later – Punjab University!!

Students can take Practical Exams Later - Punjab University!!
Students can take Practical Exams Later - Punjab University!!

The Internet service has allowed only students from the affected areas to attend the process exams which were to be held for Punjab University and its affiliated colleges.

Internet services in Haryana, which had been down for the past few days, have been cut off for seven days since yesterday. Internet services were previously disconnected in 14 districts of the state. In this context, the University of Punjab in Haryana and its affiliated colleges announced on Tuesday that it will conduct process exams online for its odd semester students. Students are confused about the exam as internet services have been disconnected in the state.

A student of Sri Guru Gobind Singh College in Fatehabad district in Haryana said, “I will not be able to complete the exams if the internet services are not reactivated. I can only upload my exam files if there is internet service.”

The university administration has issued an official announcement in this regard. In it, students from cities where internet facility is affected will be allowed to appear for the process exams after completing their written exams. However they have to submit their address as proof that they belong to the area where internet facility is disconnected. The schedule of the examination is said to be announced later. Exams for current classes will be held on February 15 and for new classes in March.


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