Online exams with Strict Restrictions – Gujarat University Administration Announces!!

Online exams with Strict Restrictions
Online exams with Strict Restrictions

Gujarat University has announced that the online exams for February 13 will be held with strict restrictions.

Gujarat University has announced strict restrictions on online exams to be held on February 13 to eliminate irregularities in online exams. Students are given 50 marks and 50 minutes for the 50 questions asked in the exam.

Unlike what happened in the last exam, each question will only appear on the screen for a limited time. Above that, the same quiz will not appear again on the screen. The university administration has said that students will not seek any help other than giving priority to answering within the stipulated time as the examinations are conducted in this manner.

Similarly, unlike the previous time 2 marks were given for a question, this time only one mark will be given for a question. Also the question paper and the answer lines will all be in a different order. Last time Gujarat University had 100% students passing all the subjects like never before in history. So this time the university administration has asked the teachers to prepare 75 difficult questions, officials said.


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