Kurukshetra University UG Exams Postponed!!

Kurukshetra University UG Exams Postponed!!
Kurukshetra University UG Exams Postponed!!

Kurukshetra University undergraduate exams postponed in Haryana. This is not the first time Kurukshetra University has decided to postpone exams. In December 2020, the university decided to postpone Graduate and Postgraduate Examinations until February due to the Covid-19 epidemic. As per the previous schedule, the examinations for the odd semesters of undergraduate and postgraduate courses were scheduled to take place in December. This time, the Haryana Government has cut off internet service in seven key districts of the state to prevent disruption of peace and public order in the farmers’ struggle.

All internet services were cut off in seven districts of Haryana till 5 pm on Tuesday. In this context, Kurukshetra University has postponed the examination which was scheduled to be held on February 1 and February 2.

The university has postponed the examinations for various categories including Bachelor of Arts (BA), Bachelor of Arts in Business (B.Com), Bachelor of Science (Non-Medical), and Bachelor of Education. Exam dates will be announced later. “The university’s director of public relations, Prajesh Chowdhury, has said that the entire syllabus will be included in the examinations and colleges are advised to complete the syllabus as soon as possible,” he said.


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