KG – 8th Students Pass without Exam – State Government Action!!!!

KG 8th Students Pass without Exam
KG 8th Students Pass without Exam

KG – 8th Students Pass without Exam: The Delhi government has introduced a new framework for passing the exams without any tests for students from KG class to class 8 in Delhi.

New Method for Students,

The impact of Corona is decreasing across the world. Despite this, in some states, the effect of converted corona is increasing. Some states are therefore unable to make any decisions on the opening of schools and the conduct of exams for students from Class 1 to Class 8.

The majority of state students have said they would not take the exams with only 2 months to go until the end of the current academic year. In this situation, a new system has been declared by the Delhi state government. Therefore agreed to review and transfer along assignments for students from Class KG to 8th Standard.

Assignments made during the March 1 winter interval will be taken into account. This will pave the way for the next 2021-22 academic year for students to graduate. “A statement from the Directorate of Education said, “The corona was affected by pupils, teachers, parents and schools.

During the Corona time, lessons were taught via worksheets / assignments / online to all students in government aided schools. There is currently no way to start direct classes in the classroom due to the Corona. Therefore, they are assessed by course-wise assignments instead of the paper and pen method,’ he said.

While diversion and final exams can be carried out by government elementary and middle schools, this scheme only applies to government and government-aided schools. For them, private schools have different programmes. Certain individuals make decisions. Teachers were also told by the government not to bother asking students / parents to resubmit their assignments.

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