Apply Online for Birth Certificate – Kolkata Municipality Announcement!!

Kolkata Municipality Announcement
Kolkata Municipality Announcement

The Kolkata Municipal Corporation has issued a new notice to apply for birth certificates online.

Usually people have to go in person to the municipal office to apply for a birth certificate. But considering the difficulties in going to the office directly at present, the Kolkata Municipal Administration has issued a new notification to apply for and obtain birth certificates online.

In this regard, KMC Board Chairman Birhat Hakeem said, “People can now apply online for a birth certificate and submit the documents online. The certificate can be obtained directly from the Kolkata Municipal Administration. He said as usual hospitals could register the details of children in the new system. This system makes it easier for those who cannot come to the municipal office and those who are in the suburbs of the city to get the certificate. He said that.

In the previous system, there was no online application registration. Thus people will have to go in person to the offices of the civil society. In the current system it is enough to go in person only once to get the certificate. Further, Applicants can also choose the time of their choice. Applicants can check their details before issuing the certificate.


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